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Programmable Oscillators on Epson Devices (quick delivery)
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SG-8002 series

Programmable crystal oscillator series for quick delivery

The oscillators SG-8002CE, SG-8002CA, SG-8002JF, SG-8002JC, SG-8002JA, SG-8002DC and SG-8002DB are equipped with a built-in crystal unit that oscillates at an extremely stable fundamental frequency yet come in packages with a footprint of only 2.5 mm x 2.

SG-8003 series

New programmable crystal oscillator series

The new SG-8003 series, supporting voltages down to 1.8V and 2.5V and frequencies up to 166 MHz, fills the low-voltage, high-frequency needs that Epson highly popular SG-8002 series of programmable crystal oscillators could not. The programmable crystal o


Programming tool for SG-8xxx and SG-9xxx series

The SG-Writer is a programmer tool for Epsons SG-8xxx and SG-9xxx series of programmable crystal oscillators. The SG-Writer features a USB I/F and comes with a PC software allowing to define all programming parameters including frequency tolerance and fre

SG-8101 series

New product line with high temperature range

New programmable CMOS crystal oscillator series with an operating temperature range of -40°C to 105°C (CA and CB package), tighter frequency tolerance, and lower current consumption.

SG-9101 series

New programmable product line with down or center modulation

This new SG-9101 series has a wider operating temperature range and 50% lower current consumption than comparable Epson products. Package type CA and CB are available in a wider operating temperature up to 105°C.