SEGGER Microcontroller Adds Support to emWin Library for Epson Simple LCD Controllers
Enhances LCD controller application software development environment for various applications
Epson Shipping Samples of Six New 16-bit MCUs in the S1C17M2 Series
General-purpose microcontrollers support 5 V operation. Two models available in a compact 24-pin package.
Epson’s Latest 16-bit MCU with Flash Memory Ideal for Remote Control LCDs for Home Appliances
The S1C17M33 supports LCDs in a wide range of products, including 5V factory automation equipment
Epson and IDT Tackle the Phase Noise Challenge with New Timing Solution for the Telecom and Data Center Markets
Coupled with Epson’s VCXO, IDT’s New Clock Jitter Attenuator and Frequency Synthesizer Product Supports 40/100/400 Gbps Ethernet PHY and Other High-Performance Applications
Epson Shipping Samples of a New 16-bit Microcontroller with a Crystal Unit and High-Precision Temperature-Compensated RTC
The S7C17M11 is ideal for applications requiring accurate timekeeping and control under harsh temperature environments
Epson Shipping Samples of a New 32-Bit Microcontroller with an ARM® Cortex®-M0+ Processor
The S1C31D01 is the world's first [1] microcontroller with a memory LCD controller and is ideal for wearable products
Epson Begins Volume Production of S1D13L04 Display Controller for High-Resolution Colour TFT Panels
Controller provides broad support for colour QVGA to XGA TFT panels used in industrial equipment and medical instruments
Epson Shipping Samples of New 16-bit MCU for Driving LEDs at Up to 56 mA
Ideal for control panels with displays for factory automation systems and home appliances
New Epson IMUs Enable High-Precision Control of Machinery in Demanding Environments
Epson begins volume production of M-G364 and M-G354 inertial measurement units
Epson to Provide Low Power Microcontrollers with 16-bit On-Chip Flash Memory and Smart Card Interfaces
Halved operating current while quadrupling operating speed for hand-held card reader tokens
Epson to Release New Series of Programmable Crystal Oscillators
Wide operating temperature range, tighter frequency tolerance, and lower current consumption
Epson Display Controller Shield Board for mbedTM compatible platforms.
Enabling a new development platform with S5D13781R01C100
Epson launches new ultra-low power 16-bit flash microcontroller S1C17W18
Features 352 segment display, built-in 128kB flash memory
Epson Launches Display Controller IC Reference Design Compatible with Arduino Due Open Source Hardware Platform
Provides significantly shorter development times and lower cost evaluation environment
Epson Introduces Compact Packages to Its S1C17W00 Series of 1.2 V, 16-bit Flash Microcontrollers
Ideal for use in miniature sensor systems and wearable devices
Two new Epson Real-Time Clocks (RTCs) for automotive, industrial, networking, and consumer electronics applications available
Seiko Epson Corporation, the world leader in quartz crystal technology, announces production availability of its new RX8130CE and RX8900CE Real-Time Clocks (RTCs).
Epson Sensing System Once Again Selected for Use in Building Health Monitoring System
Japanese government-sponsored project to enable rapid assessment of high-rise damage following mega-earthquake
Epson Ships 100 Millionth HTPS Panel for 3LCD Projectors
Steady expansion of projector applications
Epson and u-blox partner on ultra-precise 3D dead reckoning blueprint
Best-in-class navigation achieved with Epson’s gyroscope and u-blox’ 3D dead reckoning chip
Epson Introduces New Differential Output Crystal Oscillator
Achieves Low Phase Jitter of 65 fs Typ [1]
Epson Introduces New Programmable VCXOs
- Epson achieves world’s lowest jitter and lowest power for a programmable VCXO -
Plastic Logic & Epson
sees iPhone flexible display opportunity
Epson launches new ultra-low power 16-bit flash microcontroller S1C17W23
Features 1344-dot matrix display, built-in 96kB flash memory
Epson Develops World's First Multi-Output SAW Oscillators
Oscillators in the new MG-7050 series have built-in fan-out buffer and low jitter
Epson Offers Windows 7 Support for S1D13U11 Display Controller with Integrated USB Interface
Enabling smaller and more versatile designs in POS terminals and other devices
Epson Launches Volume Production of S1C17W00 Series of 1.2 V 16-bit Flash Micro Controllers
Ideal for compact, low-capacity battery-driven products with the low power consumption of the 4-bit flash micro controller class
Epson Announces Two New Inertial Measurement Units for Industry
Water- and dust-protected IMUs support CAN and RS-422 interfaces
Epson Announces Low Power, Smallest-in-Class 32.768-kHz Crystal Oscillator
Epson's new SG-3030CM 32.768-kHz crystal oscillator
Epson Launches VCXOs for Mobile Base Stations and Optical Communications Equipment
A product from the new VG-4513CB VCXO series
Increasing customer statisfaction
Statement - Mr. Kitamura, Deputy Chief Operating Officer "Timing Devices" of Seiko Epson
Epson Launches Latest Display Controller IC Reference Design
Provides significantly shorter development times and lower cost evaluation environment
New Epson Ultimicron Brings Benefits for Camera Enthusiasts
Epson begins volume production of panel for electronic viewfinders
Epson to Release New Series of Compact High-Frequency Oscillators
SG-210S*H series oscillators provide stable, high-frequency fundamental oscillation
Epson and Plastic Logic announce cooperation at electronica 2012
Leaders in their respective fields cooperate to broaden the applications for flexible plastic displays
Epson Announces User-Friendly EPD Controller Module
New module an ideal choice for accelerating product time-to-market
Epson Launches High-Performance Inclinometers/ Accelerometers for Industrial Applications
Combines the compactness and energy efficiency of Si-MEMS sensors with the performance of mechanical servo sensors
Epson Announces New SoC for e-Paper Applications
New chip offers high-performance combined with low power consumption and cost competitive solutions
Epson Develops New Low-Power-Consumption Real-Time Clock Modules
Compatible with wide-ranging power sources
Epson Offers Display Controller IC Reference Design
Significantly shorter development time and lower cost evaluation environment
Epson Introduces e-Paper Platforms for Industrial Applications
Platforms enable e-paper developers to reduce turnaround while raising quality and productivity -
Epson Toyocom Halves the Size and Current Consumption of New SAW Oscillators
EG-2121/2102CB Series Offers High-Stability and High-Frequency

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