Product News

Epson to Provide Low Power Microcontrollers with 16-bit On-Chip Flash Memory and Smart Card Interfaces
Halved operating current while quadrupling operating speed for hand-held card reader tokens
Epson to Release New Series of Programmable Crystal Oscillators
Wide operating temperature range, tighter frequency tolerance, and lower current consumption
Epson Display Controller Shield Board for mbedTM compatible platforms.
Enabling a new development platform with S5D13781R01C100
Epson launches new ultra-low power 16-bit flash microcontroller S1C17W18
Features 352 segment display, built-in 128kB flash memory
Epson Launches Display Controller IC Reference Design Compatible with Arduino Due Open Source Hardware Platform
Provides significantly shorter development times and lower cost evaluation environment
Epson Introduces Compact Packages to Its S1C17W00 Series of 1.2 V, 16-bit Flash Microcontrollers
Ideal for use in miniature sensor systems and wearable devices
Two new Epson Real-Time Clocks (RTCs) for automotive, industrial, networking, and consumer electronics applications available
Seiko Epson Corporation, the world leader in quartz crystal technology, announces production availability of its new RX8130CE and RX8900CE Real-Time Clocks (RTCs).
Epson Sensing System Once Again Selected for Use in Building Health Monitoring System
Japanese government-sponsored project to enable rapid assessment of high-rise damage following mega-earthquake

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