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Epson Now Shipping Samples of the SG2016 Series of High-Frequency, Low Phase Jitter SPXOs
At 54% smaller than Epson's SG2520 series SPXOs, this series is ideal for high bandwidth optical modules such as 800G transceivers
Seismic Intensity Meters Equipped with Epson's M-A352 Accelerometer Certified by the Japan Meteorological Agency
Epson acceleration sensing technology contributes to safer civil infrastructure
Epson Shipping Samples of the Latest Addition to Its Series of 32-Bit MCUs with Sound Playback Hardware
S1C31D41 provides same usability as its predecessors but with voice pitch conversion and built-in clock with ±1% accuracy
Epson Shipping Samples of Low-Power 16-Bit Microcontrollers Equipped with High-Precision A/D Converter
- Ideal for digital multimeters and other display-equipped measuring instruments -
Epson Shipping Samples of S1D15K01 Single-Chip Hybrid Liquid Crystal Driver IC for Digital Instrumental Cluster LCDs
Simultaneously drive both segment and dot matrix displays with a single chip
Epson Now Shipping Samples of Compact, High-Precision RTC Modules for Industrial Applications
Epson cuts current consumption by 30% compared to the previous product and expanded the number of events that can be recorded by the time stamp function to 32
Epson Now Shipping Samples of Compact, High-Precision RTC Modules for In-Vehicle Applications
Accuracy of clock and additional functions guaranteed up to 125°C
Epson Develops the Ideal IMU for Attitude and Vibration Control
M-G370PDS0 improves short-term noise, expands the model lineup, and enables a broader selection of products

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