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4-bit to 32-bit low power microcontrollers

The technologies of low voltage operation and low power consumption acquired over the years through the development of 4-bit microcontrollers for watches and electronic shelf labels (ESL) are inherited by 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers today.

Display Controllers

Low power consumption & high speed image drawing

Epson LCDC line ups various type of display controllers such as memory display, STN and TFT for broad application.

Display Controllers IC / Interface ICs Automotive

Simple network connection

The keyword for Epson network controllers is “simple connection.” With the built-in ability to process complicated TCP/IP protocols, the Epson network controllers make network connection possible for previously unconnectable devices.


Your reliable ASIC development partner

Epson has long experience in offering a variety of ASIC solutions to customers with its products of gate arrays, embedded arrays and standard cells

Voice and Audio

Simplest speech IC without studio recording

The Epson Voice/Audio IC enables a seamless IC platform to transform almost any applications into user-friendly voice prompted devices.

LCD Drivers / Thermalhead Drivers

Epson technological expertise

The products with built-in low current power supply, display data memory, and oscillation circuit achieve display systems with a minimum set of chips.

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