Sensing System
High-performance products with industry-leading stability and reliability

Sensing System


Sensing elements based on the proprietary QMEMS-technology lead to the outstanding performance of Epson’s sensing solutions.

Its unique combination of high stability, low noise, low power consumption and high accuracy is the main differentiator to our competitors and makes our sensors perfectly suited for demanding industrial level applications.

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Gyro Sensor

New Dimension in Sensing

Vibration gyro sensors sense angular velocity from the Coriolis force applied to a vibrating element. Their compact size, stability and noise characteristics make them an interesting choice for many applications.


Epson Inertial Measurement Unit

A variety of high performance IMUs. Their unique feature is the combination of high stability, high precision, low power consumption and small size. That makes it easy to create and differentiate applications in various fields of industrial systems.


For seismic & structural health monitoring

Epson Accelerometers support high dynamic range, low drift and digital output. A unique combination of high precision and small size makes it easy to choose them for monitoring applications in various fields of industrial systems.

Vibration Sensor

For machine health monitoring & predictive maintenance

Epson’s high performance Vibration sensors are compliant with the evaluation criteria for motors in ISO 10816 and ISO 20816. Their velocity and displacement output supports high dynamic range, low drift and digital output.

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