Crystal Oscillators

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G-Series TCXOs
TG2016 & TG2520SMN TCXO
TG-3541CEA Automotive DTCXO

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Compact & Easy-to-use

Epson offers SPXOs (Simple Package Crystal Oscillator) in various package sizes and types, frequency ranges, output types, tolerances and voltages from 1.2V to 5.5V. The SPXOs deliver excellent frequency stability without the necessity of temperature comp


Ultra short lead time

Programmable oscillators can be programmed locally and thus can be sampled within days and factory programmed with less than two weeks lead-time. Epsons programmable oszillators are all pin compatible to the fixed-frequency oscillators for easy upgrade an

Spread Spectrum

Lower the EMI of your clock

The SG-9001 has a built-in SS function that reduces EMI (Electromagnetic Interferences), a programmable output frequency and spread percentage, selectable center spread and down spread and a very short delivery time enabled by programmability.

Low-Jitter (SAW)

Low jitter - low phase noise

Low Jitter SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave Oscillator) oscillators are ideal for applications requiring very low jitter and low phase noise like i.e. wired networks and base stations.


High precision - high performance

Epson offers VCXOs (voltage controlled crystal oscillator) and VCSOs (voltage controlled SAW oscillator) in various package sizes and types, frequency ranges from 1 MHz to 800 MHz, output types, multiple tolerance options, pulling ranges and voltages from


Ultra miniature size - high stability

Epson offers two types of TCXO specifications, one dedicated for high stability applications like mobile communication, and a 2nd one for even tighter spec. required i.e. in navigation systems.

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