Epson Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

New range of IMU’s ideal for embedding in industrial products

The proprietary QMEMS technology has enabled Epson to develop a range of high precision inertial measurement units (IMU’s) with a unique combination of high precision, small size and low power consumption. This enables our customers to use those IMU’s in many industrial applications, existing products are either too expensive or do not have the required accuracy and stability.

NEW – M-G325: Low cost general purpose IMU with attitude output
NEW in M/P - M-G365: Improved standard IMU with attitude output
NEW in M/P - M-G370: Top-of-the-line IMU providing FOG-class performance
M-G354: IMU for wider dynamic range applications
M-G364: High precision and low noise IMU
M-V340: Ultra small high precision IMU
M-G550: IMU with CAN-interface and waterproof IP67 housing 

Target applications

  • Motion analysis & control
  • In- and outdoor navigation systems
  • Vibration control and stabilization
  • Precise position tracking
  • High-precision measuring instruments
  • Unmanned vehicle control and tracking
  • Camera stabilization and vibration suppression
  • Borehole trajectory measurement

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