The technologies of low voltage operation and low power consumption acquired over the years through the development of 4-bit microcontrollers for watches and electronic shelf labels (ESL) are inherited by 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers today. The product line-up has been expanded, while achieving better throughputs. A wide array of sensor interfaces recently attracting attention are also available. Low power technology and a highly efficient processor are all built into a single chip. With this one-chip solution, Epson continues to offer optimum products for small-sized battery-driven equipment, operation panel controllers, and sensor built-in healthcare products and housing equipment.

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4-bit Microcontrollers

S1C63 family

The S1C63 family microcontrollers are truly application-oriented: flexible, modular architectures, a range of performance levels, and a wide selection of power supply voltages and package configurations.

8-bit Microcontrollers

S1C88 family

The line-up integrates a wide choice of ROM and RAM sizes, LCD drivers, serial ports and other high-performance peripheral circuits into a single chip design. In addition, all devices contain the power-saving, low-voltage technology.

16-bit Microcontrollers

S1C17 family

The S1C17 family of original 16-bit MCUs integrate a wide variety of interfaces, allowing connection with multiple sensors and a wealth of peripheral circuits.

32-bit Microcontrollers

S1C33 family (Epson 32-bit RISC core)

Peripheral functions including rapid DMA, multichannel SIO, programmable timer, PLL and prescaler. Fast operation and extremely low power consumption qualify this family for applications in OA equipment such as printers and portable equipment.

32-bit Microcontrollers

S1C31 family (ARM®Cortex®-M0+)

Ultra low power 32-bit ARM processor family with on-chip Flash memory and QSPI I/F option for memory extension, various interfaces, LCD drivers and USB controller.

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