Epson Display Controllers reduce the load on the main CPU by off-loading the display process to a discrete display controller. The controllers combine high-speed display output with additional features that add capability to both new and revised designs, while maintaining industry leading low power consumption. Epson Display Controllers offer excellent solutions for embedded equipment, mobile terminals, automotive equipment, and a wide variety of other applications.

Embedded Graphics Library for TFT Displays

Easy TFT display control, combining XMC™ microcontroller with EPSON S1D13781 TFT CTRL IC. The S1D13781 embedded graphic accelerator and video memory is controlled by EPSON’s free-of-charge Graphics Library/API running on XMC™ MCU. System resource free-up, scalability up to 7“ displays and 800x480 resolution, and exciting HMI experience are only some of the benefits.
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Display Controllers

High-speed drawing

Epson display controllers reduce the load on the main CPU in drawing process. The original image processing engine performs high-speed drawing while achieving the industry’s top class low power consumption.

LCD Drivers

Epson technological expertise

Epson LCD drivers, developed from the display ICs for digital watches, have been driving display panels of mobile phones around the world. Our many years of technological expertise have yielded a number of LCD driver options for diverse LCD panels.

EPD Controllers

High speed screen updates

EPSON EPD controllers provide a high performance, low cost, solution for current and future E Ink EPDs (Electronic Paper Displays). LIMITED PROMOTION

Simple LCD Controllers

Low cost and easy to use

Simple LCDC series is applicable to TFT LCD panel from QVGA up to WVGA resolution and suitable for FA controller, medical instrument, measurement equipment and OA applications.

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