Accelerometer / Inclinometer

New High Precision and Low Noise Accelerometer and Inclinometer

Based on Epson’s proprietary QMEMS technology, the new accelerometer provides much lower noise and higher precision than other MEMS sensors. It can be used in many applications like seismic measurements and building monitoring only much bigger and more expensive servo-type accelerometers could be used in the past.

M-A351AS10/AU10: High precision 3 axis accelerometer / inclinometer


  • Small Size, Lightweight: 24x24x19mm, 20grams
  • Low-Noise: 1uG/sqrt(Hz)@1 Hz
  • High-resolution: 1uG
  • Digital serial interface: SPI or UART
  • Wide operating temperature range: −20 °C to +85°C
  • Low Voltage Supply: 3.3 V
  • Low Power Consumption: 30mW

Target applications

  1. Construction and civil engineering customers
  • Vibration-based structural health monitoring (e.g., monitoring the vibration characteristics of structures and judging their health and integrity)
  • Safety monitoring during construction of civil engineering structures (e.g., ensuring safety by monitoring the tilt of structures under construction)
  • Measurement of low-frequency environmental vibration, etc.
  1. Large machines and large structures
  • Tilt measurement of ships and large machines
  • Monitoring the safety of large structures (e.g., pipelines and large plants)
  1. Seismic sensing
  • Measurement of vibrations accompanying earthquakes (intense shocks, minor vibrations, long-period oscillation), etc.