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Epson Now Shipping Samples of the SG2016 Series of High-Frequency, Low Phase Jitter SPXOs
At 54% smaller than Epson's SG2520 series SPXOs, this series is ideal for high bandwidth optical modules such as 800G transceivers
Epson Now Shipping Samples of Compact, High-Precision RTC Modules for Industrial Applications
Epson cuts current consumption by 30% compared to the previous product and expanded the number of events that can be recorded by the time stamp function to 32
Epson Now Shipping Samples of Compact, High-Precision RTC Modules for In-Vehicle Applications
Accuracy of clock and additional functions guaranteed up to 125°C
Epson Begins Volume Production of the SG2520 Series of Tiny, High-Frequency, Low Phase Jitter SPXOs
At 44% smaller than Epson’s comparable previous products, the SG2520 series is ideal for small optical communications modules that support 400 G
Epson Develops Compact, Real-Time Clock Modules with a Time-Stamp Function
Ideal for wide range of products that need clock functions, from small electronics to factory automation equipment
Epson’s RX8804 DTCXO RTC
Precise time keeping, higher accuracy over temperature and low power
Epson’s low phase noise M-Series TCXOs
Tight stability and superior aging
E-Series SPXOs offer ultra-low jitter
With LVPECL or LVDS outputs
Epson’s SG-8506
The programmable oscillators with differential LVPECL outputs and I2C control are high frequency low-jitter
SG-8503 and SG-8504 Programmable Oscillators
With differential LVPECL outputs, pin-selectable frequency, and high frequency low-jitter

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